All In The Family

Getting the family in the act to beta test the new GIFACHROME camera.



Product Review by Amber Lockridge:

“My husband is a ham but until recently, you had to pry him out of his reclusive den to witness the entertainment in person.  Still pictures just don’t do him justice!  So I convinced my mother to let us try her GIFachrome system for the holiday season and I couldn’t be happier.   The single frame GIF brings to life his practiced skill at catching a jellybean pooped into his mouth by a toy penguin and the 3D Wigglegram feature ensures that, just like real life, you can’t simply ignore him and hope the weirdness stops.  Finally, the triple-frame GIF option let me round out the experience with some good old-fashioned shirtless facial mugging.  The real joy is that the high resolution but small data size will allow me to share my husband and his antics with our entire social networking community.   I’ve already ordered a GIFachrome camera for myself and look forward to documenting my son as he grows into his father’s big red clown shoes.”

To learn more about the “invention” of the GIFACHROME Camera, drop on in on The DS106 Shrink blog for “The Birth of an Idea”.

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