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Every once in awhile the GIFaChrome team likes to give a shout-out to our fellow GIF enthusiasts.  Today we’d like to spotlight the creative collabogiffing group over at This self-organized group of some 9 GIF makers  from the DS106 Headless 13 open online course  are on the cutting edge, blazing new trails in the art of digital storytelling.  They’ve even developed a way to include small snippets of audio to their GIFs.

They’ve recently discovered that the GIFaChrome technology, GLITCHaChrome in both the regular and wide format, is providing another fun addition to their story.

What is Collabogiffing?

This is a ds106 community for lovers of stories and GIFS who wish to create collaborative stories using GIFS and text. Add your original GIF and a few lines of text to begin a story or to elaborate on an ongoing one.


With links to their contributions in the unfolding story

A few snippets from their Google+ collaborative interactions:

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