GIFaKidChrome visits Alice in DJ Land

We’re quite excited over at the GIFaChrome labs these days. Our technology development engineers are working on a new GIFing product made just for kids (or those who are still kids at heart.) It’s called the GIFaKidChrome.  Where through the magic of the GIFaKidChrome converter we are able to take an audio file and capture your child’s story in animated GIFaChrome style.

We’re giving you a sneak peek today in anticipation of our December 13, 2013 DS106 GIFaChrome Camera product launch live on DS106 Radio at 7:00 pm GMT.   More exciting details to be revealed… We promise!



“Alice and DJ in DS106 Land” captured with the new GIFaKidChrome from GIFaChrome Labs: (Learn more…)


Learn more about the collaborative creation of this DS106 RIFF-A-GIF here.

And undercover reported Mariana Funes has captured more of the background story on Storify.

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