Meet John – GIFaChrome Lead Engineer

Employee Spotlight: John Johnston

At GIFaChrome Labs teamwork and collaboration are  values we hold most dear.  And we know that this requires the time and skills to work in solitude as well as with the group.  Meet John Johnston our lead engineer.

John Johnston hamming it up with Layercake GIFaChrome

John Johnston hamming it up with Layercake GIFaChrome.  Image CC licensed (SA) by John Johnston

He’s a shining example of practicing these principles and a much sought after mentor by our younger employees just joining the lab. He’s widely recognized for his ability to work on a project  solo late into the night, and then jumping right back into the swing of things the next morning with the group – not missing a beat.

He’s a prolific inventor credited with the development of the GLITCHaChrome and accompanying free downloadable software. (Download latest Simple Glitch software here. Sorry only Mac version available at this time.) Similar to the inventors of the 3M Post-it Note, Spence Silver and Art Fry who turned a failed adhesive experiment into a $billion plus business, John stumbled across an annoying error when developing some of the original GIFaChrome images. [Visit the GIFaChrome Image Gallery to see the “good stuff”.]


Glitched image of Cory Doctorow CC licensed (SA) by John Johnston

He quickly realized the value of the glitched images when others couldn’t stop talking about them.  He went about investigating what was going on with these rogue images, uncovered and then exploited the “wee bug” to create the popular GLITCHaChrome. [View our GLITCHaChrome Image Gallery]


GIFaChrome image of Cory Doctorow CC licensed (SA) by John Johnston


His Layercake technology , still under development, allows your images to take a jump out of the frame.


Layercake GIFaChrome image CC licensed (SA) by John Johnston


And we are all waiting with baited breath for his newest invention, GIFaKidChrome, which promises to turn audio into an animated GIF that is sure to delight every child.

But John is not “All-Work-and-No-Play”. He’s an avid GIFer from way back and has a flair with the audio, producing his own chicken themed podcast series. With his strong Scottish brogue he continues to mentor the newbies, this time over in the open online storytelling course DS106 Headless 13.

Chicken in a BootCampFrom One Chicken To Another , Evidently Not Chicken Town , Scratching the Commons, Chickens Clucking, Chicken Nice,

He’s even tried his hand at video production. His hilarious video mashup movie trailer BrigaDS106 was a real hit at our last office party.  We couldn’t resist attaching it and sharing it with the GIFing world. And you can hear John live on our December 13, 2013 radio broadcast officially launching the GIFaChrome camera at 8pm (GMT) on DS106 Radio.


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