Message from Hasselhlof Camera

I’ve been keeping a low profile as part of my assignment to look after GIFaChrome information security, but my  Amernian contacts have slipped me a video message from Dexter Hasselhlof, the eclectic founder of the Hasselhlof Camera empire. Any photographer worth his grain of film knows that the Hasselhlof is the most revered camera in the world, the prime equipment used by journalists, fashion shooters, and astronauts.

This video message shows Hasselhlof speaking in his native SWedish language, but has been subtitled in English, and is directed right at the hard work everyone at GIFaChrome has done over the last months, and espcially this week leading up to the Friday launch.

What does he mean? Is something wrong with the translation?

And why not contact the company through regular business channels, instead of a vague threat via a leaked video? My gut says he is worried what the GIFaChrome might mean for his business.

It is an outright threat of action against us. I am only sharing this information; I leave the decision making up to the various leaders of the company and our legal team to determine if Hasselhlof has a lens to stand on.

Your Secret Agent,


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