Little Boo is thrilled with GIFaChrome

Another excited future GIFaChrome enthusiast shares his story.
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Little Boo

Little Boo GIFaChrome image CC licensed (SA) by Christina Hendricks

I am so thrilled about my beta test of the GIFaChrome camera! I was able to get a version of the camera from my friend Ina, and she kindly agreed to take an image of me that shows my real nature.


Little Boo static image CC licensed SA shared by Christina Hendricks

Here’s the boring old image Ina took of me. It does me no justice, as you can tell when comparing it to my GIFaChrome image. Whoever heard of a ghost that doesn’t glow and move?

This camera is so easy to use: all you do is point and click and a beautiful animated gif appears. It’s like magic! You don’t even have to have full material substance to work the thing, as I have been able to play around with it myself (though I still need practice, and this pic by Ina is the best image so far).

The only thing that is missing from the GAC image is attaching my lovely “booooooo-oooooooo-oooooo”  Little Boo  that I tend to make when floating in this way. But those people over at GIFaChrome are so clever, I expect this will be available in a software update soon!

The GIFaChrome launches December 13, 2013. To pre-order yours like we did, go to the GIFaChrome website!


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UPDATE from GIFaChrome: Our engineers got right on it and have embedded Little Boo’s audio file directly into his GIFaChrome image.


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