Roxy Louridge – 1st GIFaChrome Inventor


Early GIFaChrome- cc licensed (SA) shared by John Johnston

Recently, in the archives of the Smithsonian museum, a researcher found a recording and brought to our attention, as he studies the history of photography and is interested in our work because it represents such an advance as to be historically significant. However, as we know from the previous release of the images found in the back of a drawer  the process of creating movement in a single frame was developed many decades ago, and has only recently been recreated. Listen here to the first evidence we have of the woman we believe to be the original creator of the idea behind the GIFaChrome.

Roxy Louridge lab notes  Roxy Louridge recording of her discovery after fire destroyed her lab notes.

Only one phonographic recording has ever been found, though we assume that Roxy Louridge continued her notes on another. We do not know whether she succeeded in creating her “moving film” again, though if she did, there was clearly not enough attention paid for it to enter the historical record. The very little we know of her indicates that she died of tuberculosis in a sanatorium at the age of 42. There is no record of what became of Corlin. Our current mascot hearkens back to the first image of her moving film, and launch the GIFaChrome on December 13, 2013, in her honour.


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Radio Static (Creative Commons)

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