Meet Alan – GIFaChrome Resident Prankster

Introducing Alan Levine – GIFaChrome’s Resident Prankster

GIFaChrome employee Alan Levine receives his surpris gift.

GIFaChrome employee Alan Levine receives his surprise gift for being one of our beta testers.

For 2013 Alan joyfully participated in our Executive On Loan program sharing his business experience with the innovative non-profit organization, DS106.  The crew over at DS106 were so delighted with his time there that they wanted to show their appreciation by hosting our product launch on their very own DS106 Radio station. We couldn’t be happier. You’ll be able to listen to the broadcast at  at 7pm GMT/11AM PST/2pm EST (click on the link to find your timezone if not listed.) Alan will also be co-hosting the event with our Communications Director, Christina, and special musical guests, The Headless Inkspots.

Alan Levine - Photo CC Licensed (SA) by John Johnston

Alan Levine – Photo CC Licensed (SA) by John Johnston

Alan is also an avid photographer and gladly recorded an endorsement Alan GIFaChrome Endorsement  for the GIFaChrome camera. The photo was taken by none other than John- GIFaChrome’s Lead Engineer.



GIFaChrome CEO Rochelle & DJ Photo Riff

Alan is quite well known around the GIFaChrome office as our resident prankster.  And no one is considered off limits, including our CEO Rochelle.

A prized photo proudly displayed on her desk of her grandson, DJ, and her on a Spring day in Minnesota was riffed on unmercifully.  First a member of our historian department, Stefanie, was added to the photo. Then Alan replaced DJ with his own face. In a later iteration Rochelle’s face was replaced  by the DS106Zone’s Talky Tina.  And finally, he pulled Stefanie into the game and she turned it into a ghostly image.

But lest you think it stopped there you would be mistaken.  The photo once again made a starring appearance in a YouTube video, DS106IC. You can find out more about Alan’s antics by following his Cogdog blog.

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