Meet Mariana – GIFaChrome CLO

Meet Mariana, GIFaChrome’s Chief Learning Officer, resident Cyberpsychologist, Social Committee Chair, and all around morale pumper-upper. She’s also the person who our mascot, Colin The Dog, has chosen as his caregiver.

As CLO she has a pivotal role to play.  She monitors the participation in and the progress of the learning within the GIFaChrome company. She’s not an authority to whom others report in a hierarchical style, but she can be their go-to person when stumped or unsure of something. She can point you in the right direction to get the help you need. And she’s learning and struggling right alongside the rest of us.  


Image created by Mariana Funes


The DS106 Headless ’13 crew made a special GIF to show how much they appreciated her support.


GIF image of Mariana’s book cover created by Rochelle Lockridge w/ permission.


She keeps track of the coming and goings within the company (We’ve attached a few of her Storify collections below.) and reaches out to those who may have fallen to the wayside.


She let’s people know they are seen and we’re happy they are here.


Photo shared by Rochelle Lockridge

Out of the love for the work she does here at GIFaChrome as our CLO, cyberpsychologist, and resident cheerleader, Mariana is prone to pushing herself too hard. We occasionally have to remind her to pull back and rest, for her own health and well-being.  This Christmas we hope she’ll take time to relax, meditate, and enjoy a slower pace of life for a few weeks. The new year is just around the corner, and we need her recharged and ready once again to do the things she loves in support of us all being our best.

Thank you Mariana.


Mariana keeping track of our story with Storify.





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