Giftbox Excitement

Happy GIFaChrome beta testers are excited to receive their surprise gifts in the mail this week.  They’ll all be opening them together at the conclusion of the DS106 Headless ’13 sponsored GIFaChrome Radio Hour on Friday 12/13/13 at  7pm GMT/11AM PST/2pm EST (click on the link to find your timezone if not listed.)
Click on the GIFs below for an extra special treat.

Little Boo receives his gift box in time for the launch.

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Little Boo

Little Boo Endorsement Little Boo likes pictures that move like a real ghost

GIFaChrome resident prankster, Alan Levine, receives his surprise gift.

Alan Levine GIFt

Alan Levine Testimonial Alan Levine Testimonial

Beta testers Amber & family share the GIFaChrome fun.

Amber Endorse

Amber’s Testimonial>Amber’s testimonial Amber’s Testimonial link to images here.



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