GIFaChrome House Band Rocks

 Meet the GIFaChrome House Band

 The Headless Inkspots


The GIFaChrome House Band, “The Headless Inkspots” with the music genius of David Kernohan & Vivien Rolfe

GIFaChrome is proud to be sponsoring the debut of their soon to be hit single during our official product launch celebration on DS106 Radio 12/13/13.

“GIF-A-CHROME (I don’t want to set the world on fire)” “GIF-A-CHROME (I don’t want to set the world on fire)” from The Lost Sponsored Radio Recordings by The Headless Inkspots. Released: 1943. Track 9. Genre: Easy Listening.

Listen to the entire broadcast and relive the moment by visiting the Link to Radio Show Archives

Alan Levine (GIFaChrome resident prankster) captures a few candid pics of  The Headless Inkspots duo, David Kernohan & Vivien Rolfe at play during their recent cross-continental visit to his home in Strawberry, Arizona, USA. (Photoset CC licensed (SA) Flickr shared by Alan Levine.)

David was excited to receive his surprise gift in the mail. It looks like it might be a GIFaChrome Nano.


And look for their newest release for the holiday season, “The GIF-a-Chrome Christmas” album, featuring our very own GIFaChrome mascot, Colin Dog, on the cover.


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