GIFaDog Is Honored

Our resident GIFaDog , Colin (@GIFaDog), has been in the spotlight of late. He was recently awarded a Certificate of Excellence from the Institute of Barkology.  Thanks go out to the head of our communications department, Christina (@clhendricksbc) for alerting us that our beloved GIFaChrome mascot had received this great honor. And another big thanks to Viv (@VivienRolfe), a member of our GIFaChrome houseband, “The Headless Inkspots”, for teaching us  the history of the Institute of Barkology

Barking certificate


 From Bachology to Barkology. 

It is a little known fact that the institute was derived in the 1600′s from the word Bachology, pertaining to the ancient and thankfully almost forgotten work of German composer Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750).

With his new found notoriety following the Dec. 13, 2013 GIFaChrome product launch and now the honoring with this Certificate of Excellence, Colin’s person, Mariana (@mvdfunes), our GIFaChrome CLO, thought it necessary to hire a body guard.  Jean-Claude Van Damme was so fascinated by our latest GIFaChrome technologies that when approached he was 100% on board.  We may have to tone down his enthusiasm a bit though. He’s going to be scaring off the good guys too.

“Run for your life! I’ll cover you!”  GIF created by Rochelle Lockridge with  the Jean-Claude Van Damme Clips downloaded from Funny or Die JCVD Make My Movie Challenge


GIF created by Rochelle Lockridge as part of the JCVD GIFFight Challenge.  The Jean-Claude Van Damme Clips were downloaded from Funny or Die JCVD Make My Movie Challenge 

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