Meet the GIFaChrome Team

Who are we? How did GIFaChrome begin?


Cory Doctorow GIFaChrome. Original photo courtesy of Jonathan Worth at For The Remix – cc licensed (SA) shared by Rochelle Lockridge


The GifaChrome name has been linked with cameras almost since the early days of photography itself. As seen by our recently published early recording of Roxy Louridge. The Louridge family are still involved at board level and our research and development department employs Roxy’s great granddaughter who is passionate about creating a version of our camera that can photograph the future.

We sell and produce the tools through which photographic vision is captured. Our tradition of designing cameras with animated gifing in mind, for smooth image quality, reliability and versatility goes back more than half century ago. And the story behind our cameras is almost as fascinating as the cameras themselves. As you can read in the history section of our website and on our Wikipedia page. Roxy Louridge is only one small part of the puzzle that has led to the creation of an infallible technology that includes glitching, infrared, and audio-to-text technology.

Over a century and a half ago in the port city of Genova in Italy, the Louridge family established its first trading company, F.W. Louridge & Co. The location with its proximity to the rest of Europe and its historic trade connections with Britain, Holland, Denmark, Germany, and a host of other countries, was ideal for an international shoemaker firm. F.W. Louridge & Co soon became one of Italy’s most prosperous shoe makers. Emily Louridge married into the Ferragamo family the king of designer shoes in Italy today.They started a small family firm which imported supplies and products for the newly burgeoning field of animated GIF photography .

The family were avid amateur photographers, and established a photographic division within the company famously saying: “I certainly don’t think that we will earn much money on this, but at least it will allow us to take pictures for free.”

They were soon proved wrong about the area’s potential profitability, and the photographic department became a major part of F.W. Louridge & Co. Little could they know where this first tentative steps into camera and film import would eventually lead. The GifaChrome technology of today.

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Note: This page tells the fictional beginnings of the fictional GIFaChrome company.  (Thanks to Mariana Funes for writing this up with our apologies to the Hassleblad family for riffing on your real life history.)  We have another section of pages that explain what this really is in another location. [Behind The Curtain] It also includes our background support  like the product page & Wikipedia article.

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