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    Which platforms to use? There is a wide choice here. Our personal DS106 blogs? Google+?, BuddyPress functionality added to a single WordPress site? Multi-site WP? What are your thoughts? Pros, cons, experiences?

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    I do like having my work on my own blog for my own personal record…I like looking back over my blog and seeing what I’ve done all in one place. Another option is a WP site that aggregates blogs like the ds106 site does, through feedwordpress. Then we post things on our own blogs & it goes to the main site automatically if we tag them with a tag or use a category for this project.

    But, I can also see the value of having a single WP site that we all contribute to as editors/creators. Then we can organize things more easily. I can post links to my stuff on the main site onto my own blog.

    My only concern about doing a good deal of the communications through a tool like this is that it is closed off from those who aren’t part of the site. It’s nice to have lots of people easily join into the discussions. They can see all these publicly, I think, but not contribute unless they’re members of the site. I do like the idea of us being in charge rather than having to rely on a 3rd part company, but it does feel a little more closed and siloed, which is a downside.

    I haven’t used multisite myself; my only experience is with ds106, where the asssignment bank and TDC are separate sites (I think) but nicely connected together to seem like it’s all one site. I’d like to hear from someone what values the multisite idea might have for what we’re doing.

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      I’m concerned about the closed vs. open issue too. There are several access options that can be set-up that would allow for the typical admin, editing, authoring, contributing and just reading. Right now I’m trying to figure all that out so that people can come in and view, then have a clearly visible way of becoming a contributing member if they so desire. I know it’s here, I just haven’t put all the pieces together yet.

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