GLITCHaChrome Gallery



GLITCHaChrome images – CC licensed (SA) shared by Rochelle Lockridge, John Johnston & Mariana Funes

Cory Doctorow GIFaChrome. Original photos courtesy of Jonathan Worth  CC licensed (SA) shared by Jonathan Worth at “For The Remix”


In despair hope flourishes for Jake” CC licensed (SA) by Mariana Funes and John Johnston

Nan in GLITCHaChrome” CC licensed (SA) by Viv Rolfe

First Clicks With The GIFaChrome” images CC licensed (SA) by Alan Levine

Claire” wide format GLITCHaChrome image CC licensed (SA) by Janet Webster and Rochelle Lockridge


Optional downloadable software created by our engineer John Johnston.

simple glitch download If you give it a try I’d be interested in how you get on.

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